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Water Show Gdansk 2019


Event Date:  29/06/19 – 30/06/19

Location: Motlawa River,  Gdansk, Poland
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Gdańsk and the Water Show


Gdansk - the maritime and amber capital of Poland. The town has the thousand years history and used to be a jewel of the Hanseatic League. Conveniently situated at the mouth of River Wisla, on the main trade route, in the 14th and 15th centuries, the town of Gdansk grew to be one of the biggest and richest Baltic ports. The Old City with its big buildings and burgher houses built in the style of the North European Renaissance by master-builders from Flanders and the Netherlands are decorated with characteristic ante thresholds. The streets do not converge in the market place, but run down towards the River Motlawa and the old Gdansk harbour together with Dlugi Targ (Long Market), which plays the role of the city's main market.


The event is held in two days, Saturday 29thJune 2019 and Sunday 30thJune 2019. A Flyboarding competition for locals on Saturday, will determine the best two riders to qualify for the Flyboarding Championship in Sunday’s Event. The highlight of the Water show takes place on Sunday with 6 different disciplines namely, High Diving, Flyboarding, Cable Wakeboarding, Death Diving, Blob Jumping, and Jet Ski Freestyle. The best athletes from all over the world are expected to be participating in all disciplines. In 2018 approximately 35,000 peoplepacked the area. The competition rules of each discipline have been modified in a way that the audience can immediately understand what is going on, without having any knowledge of the sport. 

Water Show Gdańsk: Hydrofly Tournament


The main tournament will be held on Sunday 30thJune 2019 and will have two categories, namely the Pro-Men Category with 10 international riders + 2 polish riders from Saturday’s competition and the Pro-Female Category with 4 riders.


Qualifying round for Polish Riders


All Polish Riders wishing to participate in this tournament are expected to send the application by not later than Tuesday 25thJune 2019 and show up on the morning of Saturday 29th. Riders can bring their own Jetski and Equipment or rent them on location for €100.


Qualification Runs will take place between 12:00pm and 04:00pm. Time can change depending on the riders’ turnout. The final running order will be placed online on the 27thJune 2019.


The best 2 riders will progress to Sunday’s main Event. 



Qualifying Round for International Riders


All international riders must submit a video by sending a YouTube or Facebook Link to the Official Water Show Facebook page ( with a private message by not later than May 15th. The video will be assessed upon receipt and the participant will be informed if they have qualified or if they are on a waiting list depending on the quality of the execution by May 20th


Rules to follow:

  • One video only per participant - Video should last 1 minute maximum and be filmed in one sequence shot (no cut or editing allowed)
  • The video should contain as much rotations as possible in 60sec. Only clean finished tricks with landed bindings above the water in a standing position are scored. Same rotations can be repeated and are scored as follows: -
    • 2 point – Single Backflip
    • 5 points – Back to Back 
    • 8 points – Double Backflip
    • 10 points – Triple Backflip
    • 13 points – Front Flip
    • 14 points – Quadruple Backflip
    • 16 points – Double Front Flip


Riders with the same score will be awarded an additional point based upon the difficulty of the Flips performed.


  • The registration will be validated upon receipt of flight ticket, passport copy, which have to reach the organization by not later than May 24th.



The Head Judge (Simon Desira) verifies every movie and the rider will be notified when the link is placed on the official Water Show Facebook page




Equipment on Location


All contestants will be required to perform on the following equipment: - 

Flyboard® (Pro Series or Sport) or any other Hydro Sport Brand 
X-Armor 23m Hose
Wireless EMK (not pilot allowed)
Dual Impeller 


Equipment provided for all contestants (exclusively during runs and rented for training): 
Flyboard® Pro-series 2016* with Shoes (S/M // M/L) and X-Armor 23m hose
Wireless EMK
Dual impeller 

Training Rental Fee:

  • Top 5 Pro-Men and Top 2 Pro-Women - €2.00 per minute
  • Others - €10 per minute


If contestants want to use their own set up, boots or equipment, they will be required to bring: -
Flyboard® deck pro series 2015 (including Y-pipe and boots of their choice) 


Additional compulsory equipment: 
Lifejacket and helmet 
Wetsuit or board short (no swimwear allowed) 

Forbidden equipment: 

Devices that allow communication between the rider and the audience / coach / pontoon is strictly forbidden.




Top 5 Pro-Men, Top 2 Pro-Women and winners of Saturday’s Tournament benefits the following: -


  1. 30 minutes free training session on 29/06/2019 or 30/06/2019 (Sea doo RXPX 300, Flyboard Sport DSS, X-ARMOUR 23m Hose), special price for more (2 EUROS per minute)
  2. Free accommodation: 2 nights,  with all inclusive (excluding mini bar) in 5-star Boutique Hotel -, extra nights are charged at 82 EUROS per night
  3. Free entrance to Main Tournament
  4. VIP airport shuttle (both ways) 
  5. €200 for traveling expenses 
  6. VIP area access during the Water Show
  7. After Party special guest privileges 
  8. Concierge 
  9. PR and Marketing Bonuses (named on official WSG poster, press note, TV intervies)
  10. Sponsors Gifts (clothes, sports equipment)



Tournament Round Format


Head of Jury is Simon Desira. The other 2 Judges will be announced in the coming weeks.


The Water Show is an event for both the participants and the audience. For the first time last year, we presented a different format of rounds, an easier way for the audience to acknowledge which was better.

We care about the diversity of each round and clear assessment. Both the judges, the player and, above all, the audience must know what is going on and why the player has won. This was the key factor for the audience to watch the Water Show till the very end!



Round One – FLIP CHALLENGE(2-min) 


Riders are awarded points for the succession of flips done in 2 minutes. Same qualification rules apply.

  • Only clean finished tricks with landed bindings above the water in a standing position are scored. Same rotations can be repeated and are scored as follows: -
    • 2 point – Single Backflip
    • 5 points – Back to Back 
    • 8 points – Double Backflip
    • 10 points – Triple Backflip
    • 13 points – Front Flip
    • 14 points – Quadruple Backflip
    • 16 points – Double Front Flip


Riders with the same score will be awarded an additional point based upon the difficulty of the Flips performed.


Last four riders are eliminated. 


Round Two - BESTTRICK/COMBO(2-min)


Each Rider starts and finishes the trick/combo from a standing position and is awarded points on his best execution. The Trick/Combo can be repeated as many times as required by the rider until he is either satisfied with the execution or the 2min timeframe has ended. Points are only awarded on Tricks/Combos landed with Bindings above the water.


Scoring is based on Difficulty, Execution, Height and Precision. 


Top 4 will move on to the Last Round.



Round Three – CHALLENGE BATTLE(4-min)


The 4 Top Riders will battle each other in the Arena parallel to each other as follows: -


Semi Finals

Battle One: Rider 1 – Rider 4
Battle Two: Rider 2 – Rider 3



The Riders loosing the Semi Final Battles will battle for 3rd/ 4thplace.



The Riders winning the Semi Final Battles will battle for the 1st/2ndplace 


In each battle both Riders go in the Arena and flip the coin to decide who will start. The Rider will perform a Trick/Combo and challenges the opponent to repeat it. The best execution will decide the winner and is awarded a point. The winner will also perform the next Trick/Combo for the opponent to execute. We consider the participating Athletes to be responsible riders, so we do not expect any Rider to repeat any trick, which was not mastered before. No Trick/Combos can be repeated. If any rider repeats a Trick/Combo the opponent is declared the winner of that challenge, awarded a point and decides the next Trick/Combo. The winner of the battle is the Rider with the most points in 4 minutes.


At the end of the tournament, the jury will award the following prize money: 


Pro Rider Category: 

1st:       € 1500 

2nd:      € 700 

3rd:       € 500 


Ladies Category: 

1st:       € 500 

2nd:      € 200

3rd:       € 100






15/05/2019 24:00 – deadline online qualification, real time verification


20/05/2019 24:00 – Official online Qualification Rounds results  

28/06/2019 24:00 – deadline registration to live Qualification Rounds  






10:00 -12:00 – Training session  *

12:00 -12:40 – Riders meeting – rules, area information,  starting list *

12:40 – 15:00 - live Qualification Rounds  (up to the 50 riders)

16:00 -18:00 – Training Session 2 *  

Rider before first fly has to accept and sign contract. Draft will be send before to every rider on e-mail address. 




15:00 -15:20 – Opening ceremony 


15:20 – 17:00 – I Round



15:25 – 16:10 – BLOB CUP GDAŃSK 

16:10 – 17:00 – HIGH DIVING CUP GDAŃSK 





17:20 – 18:40 – II Round

17:20 – 17:25 – DRAGON BOATS CUP GDAŃSK 


17:25 – 18:00 – BLOB CUP GDAŃSK 

17:25 – 18:00 –DEATH DIVING ROUND 

18:00 – 19:00 - HIGH DIVING CUP GDAŃSK 

18:00 – 19:00 - WAKE CUP GDAŃSK  


18:20 – 18:25 – DRAGON BOATS CUP GDAŃSK 


18:55 – 21:00 – FINALS

18:55 – 19:00 – DRAGON BOATS CUP GDAŃSK 


19:10 – 19:20 - BLOB CUP GDAŃSK 

19:10 – 19:20 – DEATH DIVING FINAL

19:20 – 19:40 - HIGH DIVING CUP GDAŃSK 

19:20 – 19:40 - WAKE CUP GDAŃSK 2019 FINAL



19:50 – 21:00 – audience contest (flyboarding, blob jumping, wakeboarding)


20:10 – 20:45 – CLOSING CEREMONY

21:00 – 21:30 – NEW WATER TOYS SHOWS